About Us

Reinsurance Security Research is a specialist analytical research company focussed on providing independent and confidential opinions on reinsurers' financial strength, suitability and likely longevity. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs in assessing and monitoring their reinsurance counterparties, which we rank according to a simple grading system.

Our service offers an alternative for companies which either do not employ dedicated re/insurance security analysts in-house, or want extra input to their in-house team.

Our client base ranges from large highly-rated cedants to much smaller groups, situated worldwide, which testifies to the value we add for any size or type of reinsurance buyer.

Our grades and reports are private and confidential and available to our clients only via subscription to our internet site, which covers hundreds of actively trading companies and Lloyd's syndicates, plus details of many more in run-off.

We are: 

Independent and Cost Efficient

We are independent of brokers, insurers and the ratings agencies.

Apart from the cost benefits of using our service to achieve a ‘best practice’ all year round approach, our longstanding clients have found that our independent, wide-ranging and specialist perspective provides broader insights into market sentiment and intelligence across their reinsurance panels than can be consistently achieved in-house.

Confidential, Interactive and Connected

The independence of our business model and the confidential nature of our relationships with clients allows full and frank discussion of counterparties with our clients, dealing with concerns as they arise. This interaction with our clients, who are actively placing reinsurance in the market and collecting on their claims, enhances our own insights adding extra value to our analysis.

Experts in our field

Drawing on our decades of experience in insurance credit analysis, gained within the reinsurance market and at rating agencies, and our comprehensive market intelligence and insights, we rank reinsurers according to a simple grading system supplemented with concise commentaries.  Over the last 16 years we have helped our clients maximise their pick of the most creditworthy counterparties,  minimise exposure to many that have either gone into run-off, transferred their portfolios to the run-off market, or withdrawn from reinsurance as a segment, and some also who have proven reluctant to pay claims. 

If you would like to have a demo of our site or speak to us about a subscription, please email info@reinsurancesecurity.com or call on: 

D: +44 (0)207 779 8676 / M: +44 (0)7557 791 337.